Photography JP Quindara

Hannah Asanah is currently known for her retail work with the national clothing companies such as, The Bon-Ton Stores, Kohl's, Meijer, Nordstrom Beauty Trend Shows, several appearances modeling on The Steve Harvey Show, her work with local retail store Boutique Larrieux and more. Hannah specializes in commercial, print, fashion and runway. Her racially ambiguous look allows for all women to relate to her images and work.

Hannah Asanah’s mission is to help young women see the beauty in their individual differences. Her brand image aims to show young women that they can be both intelligent and beautiful at the same time, further stating, “…There should be no division between the two worlds; there should be no sacrifice of one to attain the other.” She believes that in a world where sex is frequently capitalized on, and women are often the subject of over sexualized media streams, we need to give our young women positive women to idolize.



FACTOR | CHOSEN Model Management CHI

Ohlsson Model Management MKE




Height |   6'

Dress   |   10-12

Bust     |   34D

Waist   |   30

Hip       |   45

Shoe    |   11